Andrey Rodionov
CIO at Sentinel Credit Management
Andrey is a highly proficient IT-expert with an impressive 17 years of experience in the fintech industry. He has spent nearly a decade successfully managing IT departments, during which he has effectively directed teams comprising up to 30 members. He is recognized for his capabilities in recruiting, mentoring, and training staff to form efficient and impact-focused teams. With a knack for conceptualizing and implementing robust IT departments and infrastructures, he is well-versed in automating business processes.

His hard skills are an impressive array, including IT strategy development and implementation, IT objective setting, strategic planning, enterprise software development, and budgeting. He also possesses an in-depth understanding of Agile, ITIL, VMware, and business intelligence, and is adept at hardware sourcing and purchasing, IT project management, and recruiting.

His leadership skills are exceptional, and his communication – both written and verbal – is clear and effective. His interpersonal skills make him a great collaborator and an effective delegator. His organizational and problem-solving skills have been invaluable in his career, alongside his analytical thinking and attention to detail. His ability to manage time effectively and adapt quickly to changes further underscores his proficiency.

His role as CIO at Sentinel Credit Management has seen him conducting audits of IT infrastructure, developing business-aligned IT strategies, and nurturing a team of seasoned IT professionals. His work implementing ITIL methodologies and improving cybersecurity measures has been pivotal in automating a significant percentage of the company's IT and business processes. His efforts have resulted in substantial budget savings and an impressive increase in user satisfaction.

Previously as CIO at Rusmicrofinance, he established the IT department from scratch, transitioned the company to a secure distributed IT infrastructure, and instituted policies for information security and business process automation. His contributions led to significant reductions in customer service and external request processing times.

In summary, he is a seasoned fintech professional with a wealth of experience and a broad skill set, capable of leading and innovating in IT strategy and operations. His leadership has consistently led to increased efficiency, improved cybersecurity, and significant cost savings in his organizations.