Aleksandr Ulanov
Senior Full Stack Engineer at 4Mativ Technologies
Aleksandr Ulanov, an experienced Full Stack Software Engineer, has spent over a 10 years excelling in web development and cementing his reputation as a trailblazer in the field. With proficiency in Ruby, Rails, Javascript, and ReactJS, Aleksandr demonstrates exceptional command over their ecosystems, while actively seeking new challenges to expand his skills in Python and Go.

Throughout his career, Aleksandr has been an instrumental figure in the development of numerous successful startups. As the driving force behind the online streaming service for Russia's largest satellite TV company, Tricolor TV, Aleksandr's technical acumen and creativity played a critical role in the venture's success.

Furthermore, Aleksandr was the lead architect and developer of Sparkler's server side, a mobile app that empowers parents and caregivers to support child brain development. His extraordinary talent enabled the creation of a unique algorithm measuring a child's progress, offering personalized content and coaching for parents. This groundbreaking innovation was vital in Mindful's IP asset sale to Viacom International (now Paramount).

As a key contributor to 4mativ Technologies, Aleksandr developed an innovative Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution, revolutionizing the integration of major transportation service providers across the US. His AVL interface optimizes logistics and enhances communication between schools, parents, and transportation companies.

Beyond his technical accomplishments, Aleksandr is a dedicated community advocate. He regularly writes software development articles and volunteers as a judge for Major League Hacking. As a mentor at RubyFirstFriend, he helps shape the next generation of developers. His outstanding presentation at RubyRussia'22, the largest Ruby programming conference in the country, showcased his extensive research into real-time technologies and earned him high praise from the community.

Aleksandr is deeply committed to the open-source community, contributing to various projects and promoting collaborative development practices. His unique blend of technical expertise, ingenuity, and commitment to the software development community make him a highly respected figure in the industry, serving as an inspiration to his peers and future developers alike.