Burning Heroes AI for Humanity Hackathon
Dmitry Brazhenok, a distinguished member of our esteemed association, the International Association of Honored Developers, recently served as a judge in the prestigious Burning Heroes AI for Humanity Hackathon. This groundbreaking event, hosted by Burning Heroes, a non-profit community committed to fostering global startup development, brought together visionaries and innovators to leverage artificial intelligence for the betterment of society.

Entrepreneurs and investors from around the world joined forces to collaborate and craft AI-driven solutions aimed at making a profound social impact. Dmitry Brazhenok's expertise and discernment undoubtedly contributed to the success of this inspiring endeavor, highlighting his commitment to advancing technology for the greater good.
TechTrain conference
Ainur Gainetdinov, a distinguished member of our association, also delivered a compelling presentation at the TechTrain conference ( His talk, titled "Techniques and Approaches in Stable Diffusion Generation" delved into the intricacies of generative models.
With the advent of ChatGPT, the field of artificial intelligence has garnered widespread attention from a diverse audience. In addition to language models, there has been a surge in popularity of image generation models such as Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion. These models enable the generation of realistic images based on textual prompts, expanding the realm of creative possibilities beyond mere text descriptions.
The open-source project Stable Diffusion has fostered a thriving community of developers who have pushed the boundaries of its applications. With the help of AI, virtually anything imaginable can be generated. Ainur's presentation at the conference explored the most cutting-edge technologies in the realm of generative models, shedding light on the groundbreaking advancements made by developers within the Stable Diffusion community.
Stay tuned for further updates as we anticipate receiving photos from the conference to accompany Ainur Gainetdinov's remarkable contribution to the TechTrain event.
Ainur Gainetdinov, a valued member of our association, recently served as a judge in the Hybrid Hackathon hosted by SENSE with the support of the Accelerator of Opportunities. The three-day event, held from February 28th to March 1st, presented participants with a unique hybrid format challenge, inviting them to tackle one of two selected cases and compete for victory in the ML Talent Match.
The Hybrid Hackathon, an innovative initiative in the realm of technological advancement, attracted aspiring developers, data scientists, and AI enthusiasts eager to demonstrate their skills and creativity. Ainur Gainetdinov's involvement as a judge underscored the caliber of expertise and commitment to excellence within our association.
Throughout the event, participants were tasked with applying machine learning techniques to address real-world challenges, showcasing the potential of AI to drive positive change and innovation across various industries. The supportive environment fostered collaboration and idea exchange, fostering a community-driven approach to problem-solving.
As a result of Ainur Gainetdinov's discernment and insight, participants were able to receive valuable feedback and recognition for their efforts, further motivating them to push the boundaries of AI technology for future endeavors. The success of the Hybrid Hackathon serves as a testament to the collective talent and dedication within our association and the broader tech community.
IAHD Clinches Platinum Award at AVA Digital Awards 2024
In a triumphant celebration of creativity and innovation, the International Association for Honored Developers (IAHD) proudly announces its recent accomplishment: winning the coveted Platinum Award at the AVA Digital Awards 2024. This recognition is a testament to IAHD's dedication to excellence in the realm of information technology and communication. The association's outstanding achievements in 2023, marked by substantial growth and the successful organization of the IAHD Hackathon, underscore its leadership in the industry.

The AVA Digital Awards is a prestigious international competition that honors creative professionals responsible for planning, concept development, direction, design, and production of digital communication. Encompassing a diverse range of work, from digital campaigns to audio and video production, website development, social media engagement, and mobile marketing, the AVA Digital Awards recognize those who push the boundaries of digital creativity and communication.

In the past year, IAHD experienced remarkable growth, expanding by an impressive 50%, demonstrating the association's adaptability and resilience in the ever-evolving landscape of information technology. This growth reflects the collective efforts and strategic vision of the IAHD team. Additionally, the successful execution of the IAHD Hackathon 2023 showcased the association's commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the industry.

The Platinum Award at the AVA Digital Awards is a testament to the tireless dedication and exceptional talents of the IAHD team. Their passion for innovation and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in securing this esteemed honor. The award acknowledges the team's creativity, hard work, and ability to navigate the cutting-edge landscape of information technology.

IAHD extends sincere gratitude to its members, partners, and supporters whose unwavering support and encouragement have been crucial to the association's success. The Platinum Award is not just a recognition of IAHD's achievements but also a celebration of the collaborative spirit that defines its community.

The Platinum Award from the AVA Digital Awards serves as a powerful symbol of IAHD's impact on information technology and communication. It inspires the association to continue its pursuit of excellence, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable and striving to deliver even greater value to its members and the broader community.

IAHD takes pride in being acknowledged as a leader in the industry and views the Platinum Award as an opportunity to elevate its mission and impact further. The association remains committed to harnessing the power of technology and creativity to shape a brighter future for human development. With the Platinum Award in hand, IAHD eagerly anticipates continuing its journey as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving landscape of information technology and communication.
CrossConf '23
Our member Vasily Kolosov took a part in the conference CrossConf '23. The topic of presentation was: Turn away Flutter and React, and write everything in exotic NativeScript: a mistake or a successful experience
NOAH Conference Zurich 2023
B2B Platforms & SaaS: Company presentation by our member Kirill Markin - Head of Al Scraping, SOAX at the NOAH Conference Zurich 2023, 13-14 December, The Circle.
Interview with our expert Taalai Dzhumabaev
The expert of our association is Taalai Dzhumabaev, ex-Google programmer, founder of the Growth Hungry project and ideological inspirer of the Eneler-Maria project, speaker of many events and traveler.
In this issue, Taalai spoke about the importance of benefiting society from his activities, about innovation and its impact on life. He also shared his plans for the future, useful literature, life principles and travel experiences.
Join the IAHD Hackathon: Where Innovation Meets Impact
Welcome to the IAHD Hackathon—an exciting and inclusive event that unites software developers from across the globe to make a positive mark on the world of IT. At IAHD, we believe in the power of innovation, collaboration, and technology to create solutions that address real-world challenges. If you're a seasoned hacker or a budding talent, we invite you to be a part of this transformative experience.

A Platform for Innovation

Our hackathon is more than just a competition; it's a platform for you to showcase your skills, work alongside like-minded professionals, and develop technological solutions that can change lives. Over 48 intense hours, we challenge you to harness your software development expertise to create hacks that benefit your community, drive innovation, and redefine the boundaries of the IT industry. Whether you're passionate about addressing social issues or exploring cutting-edge technologies, this event is your canvas to think creatively and turn your ideas into reality.

Join a Global Community

As a member of the Innovative Association for High-Tech Development (IAHD), you'll have the unique opportunity to connect with exceptional developers from around the world. Our diverse community includes experts from the United States, Europe, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). It's a chance to learn from the best, share your knowledge, and collaborate on projects that matter.

Fostering Growth and Mentorship

At IAHD, we are committed to creating a supportive environment that encourages personal and professional growth. This hackathon is not just about competition; it's about mentorship, learning, and advancement. By collaborating with peers and sharing your expertise, you can expand your horizons, develop new skills, and make lasting connections in the industry.


The IAHD Hackathon is where innovation meets impact. It's your opportunity to be part of a global community of talented developers, create solutions that make a difference, and grow both personally and professionally. Join us in this exciting journey of hacking for a better tomorrow. Register now and be a part of a transformative experience that can shape the future of IT. Together, we can push the boundaries of technology and make a positive impact on the world.

For more information:
Kazakhstan AI/ML community is delighted with VeriMeet
Large companies are willing to pay huge amounts of money to effectively manage data flows. Today there are many data migration practices and big data management frameworks. One of such well-known DBMS is ClickHouse.

Our member Kirill Markin, an experienced Data Scientist, shared a case study of how he and his team coped with data migration, with a load of a billion new records daily.
Kazan Digital Week '23
Our member Vasily Kolosov took a part in one of the biggest conferences Kazan Digital Week '23
Taalai Dzhumabaev interview for n-factorial podcast
A member of our association, Taalai Dzhumabaev, was interviewed in a popular IT podcast n-factorial. In this interview, our expert talks about how he went from a student to a top-level engineer.
Startup World Cup 2023
On the 4th of August, members of the IAHD made their mark at the prestigious Startup World Cup. This globally renowned event, organized by Pegasus Tech Ventures, is a hotbed of innovation, gathering promising startups from across the globe.

The Startup World Cup is an annual event that provides startups with a global stage to present their groundbreaking ideas and innovations. It's not just a competition; it's a platform for networking, gaining exposure, and attracting potential investors. Organized by Pegasus Tech Ventures, it has become a crucial milestone for emerging companies.

Hermes Creative Awards
We are thrilled to announce that our association, the International Association for Honored Developers (IAHD), has been awarded the prestigious Platinum Award at the Hermes Creative Awards! This recognition is a testament to our dedication to excellence and innovation in the field of information technology and communication.

The Hermes Creative Awards celebrates the individuals and organizations who play a pivotal role in shaping the information revolution. Armed with their boundless imaginations and cutting-edge technology, the winners of this esteemed award breathe life into their ideas, seamlessly blending traditional and digital platforms to deliver impactful messages.

This achievement would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication and exceptional talents of our team at IAHD. Their passion for innovation and their relentless pursuit of excellence have been instrumental in helping us secure this distinguished honor. We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our members, partners, and supporters who have been with us every step of the way, providing invaluable support and encouragement.

The Platinum Award from the Hermes Creative Awards serves as a powerful reminder of the impact our association has had in the realm of information technology and communication. It motivates us to continue our quest for excellence, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and striving to deliver even greater value to our members and the wider community.

We are proud to be recognized as leaders in our industry and look forward to leveraging this accolade to further elevate our association's mission and impact. Together, we will continue to harness the power of technology and creativity to shape a brighter future for human development.

Mobius 2023
Mobius is an annual conference for professional mobile developers that takes place in Moscow and St. Petersburg and attracts over 400 attendees each year: middle and senior developers, team leads, PMs, and architects.

Expert of our organization Sergey Opivalov took part as expert in Mobius, his presentations as a lead speaker in 2023, where he shared his talk that expanded on "ELM in Production" from the last Mobius, where they discussed the main components of a possible UDF architecture and showed in practice how to control state complexity in UDF.

Sergey's presence and contribution played a vital role in making all events successful. His presentations gathered a whole audience, and we always received positive feedback from attendees about them. They were insightful, engaging, and significantly contributed to the discussions and learning that took place during the conference.

Meeting in Googleplex
Our organization, in addition to educational and charitable activities, also supports all kinds of developer meetings for the opportunity to share experiences with each other. This event took place on Friday, April 28th.

Members of our organization, along with silicon valley professionals, held a meeting at the google headquarters - the Googleplex in Mountain View, California.

The experts discussed pressing topics in the field of information technology development, shared their experience and agreed on further continuation of such events.

All-Russian competitions in sports programming
On April 26-29, All-Russian competitions in sports programming among students were held.

The tournament was held in two disciplines:
- Algorithmic programming
- Product programming ("Hackathon")

A member of our association, being recognized as a highly qualified specialist in this field, was invited as an expert in this event.

Marketplaces - drivers and trend makers. Technologies in the Economy
The expert of our association was the moderator of the discussion "Marketplaces - drivers and trend makers. Technologies in the Economy".

The discussion took place on April 26, 2023. His participation was limited not only to a speech, but also to the creation of a discussion plan with experts in the field of marketplaces and government officials (deputies of councils at the State Duma, entrepreneurs) and more detailed coverage of topics.

Conf42: Golang 2023
On April 20, an international conference Conf42: Golang 2023. Our expert was invited as a speaker to this event.

Most apps work with DB. Repository pattern hides complexity working with DB, but most implementations aren't GoLang and show simple examples. I want to demonstrate a complex sample with transactions, nested use cases with multi-table entities, and share used approaches with pros and cons.

Hackathon Humanhack
Members of our association are highly regarded in the industry, more than once members IAHD invited as experts to various competitions and conferences, it was the same on April 10, when members of our association were invited to be experts at the regional hackathon.

the Humanhack hackathon was held at the site of the Southern University of IUBiP.
The meeting was attended by 36 teams, among which were students of secondary schools.

The case of Center-Invest Bank was not easy - it was necessary to develop a neural network that requires tests to test the operation of web applications. As a result of hard work, Pip install pip coped with the outcome, which received the main prize from a partner bank.

Joker - major Java development conference
Joker is the largest Java development conference in the CIS countries. This event brings together IT professionals from a dozen different countries. An expert of our association was invited as a speaker at this conference, where he spoke about the history of architectures and his concept of a new design of application layer architecture.

In this talk, you will see an overview of Java application architectures and their problems.

The speaker gave a brief insight into the evolution and types of architecture and will cover the following topics:
— What is Vertical Design.
— What is Horizontal Design and Three layered architecture.
— Why did Hexagonal architecture appear, what problem does it solve.
- What problems are not solved by these architectures and where can we move?
- Why is it important?

How to get on Google in 2023? How to look for a job during a crisis and achieve success? Taalai Dzhumabaev.
Hackathon Spring 2023
The Association helps not only to organize tournaments to develop the level of developers in the IT industry, but also actively participates in the evaluation of such tournaments as experts in this field.

Rostov-on-Don hosted the XII Forum of Software Developers Hackathon Spring 2023. About 500 people became its participants. These are high school students, students and novice programmers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Stavropol Territory, Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov regions. The IT talent competition was supported by Rostelecom, Kavkaz Post was told in the press service of the national provider. The forum took place at the site of the Don State Technological University. This year it brought together a record number of participants for the entire period of holding such forums at the university. This suggests that the project work is relevant and in demand.

The forum brought together companies, educational institutions and promising professionals from the IT industry. Rostelecom specialists provided the participants with a case "Application Life". The team "KB HOUSE" and its captain Igor Mogilko became the most successful in solving this problem. Their application will be finalized and will be used in solving business problems of Rostelecom. On the instructions of the national provider, the participants had to create an interface for step-by-step tracking of customer connection requests. Due to the large amount of data, this process in Rostelecom is not going fast enough. And now the decision of the winning team will be able to improve it.
Hackathon Ingushetia
Our association is dedicated to promoting excellence in the field of IT, and our members regularly participate in events and competitions that showcase the latest advances in technology. One such event was the Ingushetia Hackathon, where several of our members participated as judges.

At the Ingushetia Hackathon, IT professionals from across the Russia and Republic of Ingushetia in particular came together to develop prototypes for useful services that could benefit the local community. The participants were given the task of creating a website, mobile program, service design, or Telegram bot that could solve a real-world problem in the region.

Our members were responsible for judging the work of these professionals and providing feedback on their projects. They were impressed with the high level of skill and creativity demonstrated by the participants and were pleased to see the innovative solutions that were developed.
At the end of the hackathon, four winning teams were selected to share a prize fund of 100,000 rubles. The event was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Communications of Ingushetia, with the goal of identifying IT talents among professionals in the region.

The first place in the competition was shared by two teams. The first team created an intuitive platform for finding a job or an employee. The information platform was developed by a team of five IT professionals, including Movsar Khalakhoev, Arby Merzhoev, Adlan Begaev, Ruslan Malsagov, and Magomedrasul Kuzgov. The second team developed a mobile application to find customers for certain services. The application was created by Magomed Mereshkov, Amin Mereshkov, and Magomed Chaniev.

The second place in the contest was taken by the Arapkhanov sisters - Pyatimat and Amina. They designed an Ingush handwritten font for elementary school.

The third place was awarded to Timur Ozdoyev's work "Guide to the Towers of Ingushetia" - a mobile application that allows anyone to immerse themselves in the indescribable beauty of mountainous Ingushetia.

It is noted that the competition jury consisted of Islam Ugurchiev, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Communications of Ingushetia, Jabrail Matiev, head of business development at Kaspersky Lab, Alexander Kochnev, a leading backend developer, Group Alexey Chanov and Alexander Chanov, head of the youth council of Lukoil-Technology.

Mobius Autumn 2022
Mobius is an annual conferenct for professional mobile developers that attracts over 400 attendees each year: Middle and Senior developers, Team Leads, PMs and Architects. Our expert Sergey Opivalov took part in this event as a speaker.

There were 100+ talk applications and only 30 slots in the program, and Sergey's application was validated and considered as accepted by the program committee.

Sergey's talk "Gradle: Incremental Compilation 101" provided a lot of useful information to conference attendees, which was greatly appreciated.
Experts of our association took part in the most famous conference related to breakthrough technologies and trends in this field.

TechCrunch is a well-known technology news website that frequently hosts tech conferences and events throughout the year. These events bring together tech entrepreneurs, investors, and other industry professionals to showcase new technology, share insights and knowledge, and network with peers.

One of TechCrunch's signature events is TechCrunch Disrupt, which typically takes place in the United States (San Francisco or New York City) and Europe (Berlin or London). TechCrunch Disrupt features keynote speakers, product demonstrations, pitch competitions, and startup showcases. The event also includes panels and workshops on various technology-related topics, such as AI, cybersecurity, blockchain, and entrepreneurship.

TechCrunch also hosts smaller-scale events throughout the year, including meetups, hackathons, and networking events in major cities like San Francisco, New York City, and London. These events are designed to bring together local tech communities and foster innovation and collaboration.

Overall, TechCrunch conferences provide a valuable forum for entrepreneurs, investors, and technology enthusiasts to network, share ideas and knowledge, and stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends and innovations.
RubyRussia 2022: Exploring Real-Time Technologies in Ruby Applications
RubyRussia, held from September 30th to October 1st, 2022, is a premier Ruby conference that unites Rubyists from Russia, CIS countries, and beyond. This event features 14 cutting-edge reports, 4k recording, and ample opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing. What started as a small meetup for 30 people in 2009 has evolved into a global event, attracting 800 offline attendees in 2019, 1500 online attendees in 2021, and 1700 in 2022. Since 2011, the conference has invited world-renowned speakers from the Ruby community, including Ruby and Rails contributors, Ruby Hero award nominees, and representatives of globally recognized projects.

One of our association's esteemed members, Aleksandr Ulanov, delivered a thought-provoking talk on real-time technologies in Ruby applications. His presentation, titled "Will HTTP/2 Kill Long Polling and WebSockets?", explored the current state of real-time communication and the potential alternatives to WebSockets.

In his talk, Aleksandr discussed the following topics:

— The pitfalls of using WebSockets in today's applications

— An overview of long polling and server-sent events as alternatives to WebSockets

— A case study on implementing a real-time interface for school bus tracking system

By attending this presentation, participants gained valuable insights into the evolving landscape of real-time technologies in Ruby applications and the various options available for implementing effective server-to-client communication.
Digital breakthrough hackathon: "Education. Personnel Development"
Our member David Grigoryan was invited as an expert in this. Hackathon Digital "Breakthrough" is 48 hours of pure coding, practically strict keywords and the most competent experts and jury. In 2021, hackathons are taking place in a hybrid format. Despite the fact that the competition itself is held online, the participant can gather in a regional IT hub on an offline platform in his city, where he will have the conditions of a real hackathon, every available access to infrastructure and the open Internet, as well as a great opportunity for networking!
Digital breakthrough hackathon: "Smart cities, industry, FES"
David Grigoryan - our member, took part as an expert in Digital breakthrough hackathon: "Smart cities, industry, FES". The energy and industrial sectors need breakthrough IT solutions more than ever. one of the most promising sectors of the economy is waiting for case studies on predictive analytics, data analysis, artificial intelligence and much more.

Digital breakthrough hackathon: "Medicine, Healthcare, Science"
Digitalization is an opportunity for the development of medicine and health care. prove that it is not only about code, it's about real help to people. Remote observation of patients, improving the efficiency of medical institutions, diagnosis using artificial intelligence and many other important tasks are waiting for you at the health&science hackathon.

Our member - David Grigoryan is involved in this event as an expert.
MLH hackathon: "Hack Girl Summer 2.0"
Join us for this gender-focused hackathon. The theme is open but feel free to hack on projects that focus on gender equity and inclusion. We are excited about the conversations and projects that will come about at this event. bring your creative ideas to life and build something incredible.while you are encouraged to hack on the theme, feel free to create whatever you'd like and enjoy workshops, mini-events, and more!

Our member - David Grigoryan is involved in this event as an expert.
MLH hackathon: "Mental Health Hacks"
This weekend is all about hacking innovative solutions together for your mental wellbeing. We are excited about the conversations and projects that will come about at this mental-health-focused hackathon. bring your creative ideas to life and build something always, we'll be running mini-events, workshops, and more to keep you entertained. Whether you build something on the theme or not, focus on having fun. While we'd love to have you build something on the theme, our themes are only here for inspiration. Please build whatever you'd like! Happy hacking!

Our member - David Grigoryan is involved in this event as an expert.

MLH hackathon: "Neighborhood Hacks"
David Grigoryan took a part as an expert in panel of the new hackathon "Abracadabra Hacks".

Celebrate the spirit of community and build something awesome for small businesses and local groups this weekend. This is your cue to do something for your neighborhood or local community. create innovative hacks that empower your neighbors to do more! This weekend, join us for an incredible celebration of hacking, mini-events, and workshops! These events are open to all skill levels, from beginners to the most veteran developers. While we'd love to have you build something on the theme, our themes are only here for inspiration. as always, build whatever you'd like! Happy hacking!

MLH hackathon: "Abracadabra Hacks"
David Grigoryan took a part as an expert in panel of the new hackathon "Abracadabra Hacks".

Join us in building this magic-themed hackathon! create projects that bring out your inner magician. Whether you're a potterhead or a fan of Houdini's mysterious works, this hackathon is the place to build something to fulfill your magical dreams! we'll be running mini-events, workshops, and more to keep you entertained. While we'd love to have you build something on the theme, our themes are only here for inspiration. Please build whatever you'd like and focus on having fun!

MLH hackathon: "Hack At Home II"

I can't believe it's been a year since the first summer league hackathon! We are thrilled to see the lovely community you have created. This weekend, join us for an incredible celebration of hacking, mini-events, workshops, and more! build something that inspires you and best encompasses your hacker journey. These events are open to all skill levels, from beginners to the most veteran developers. While we'd love to have you build something on the theme, our themes are only here for inspiration. as always, build whatever you'd like! Happy hacking!

Our member - David Grigoryan is involved in this event as an expert.
For any questions, please contact us at the email address provided below: