Aleksei Chechet
Senior Frontend Developer at New Edge DWC-LLC
Aleksei Chechet is a Senior Frontend Developer at New Edge DWC-LLC. He specializes in frontend development, with a primary focus on React and Vue. Beginning his journey as a developer creating mobile applications for the Android platform using Java, Aleksei quickly gravitated towards frontend development, finding it more compelling.

During development, Aleksei pays close attention to balancing development time and code quality, while continuously advancing in his field and exploring new technologies within it. He also enjoys attending IT conferences and listening to talks about the application of various technologies, striving to find something that can be applied to his current projects and thus improve them.

With a background in information security, Aleksei is able to develop frontend solutions with a focus on protecting user confidentiality. His work involves making decisions aimed at ensuring the security of the clients' and users' data.

Aleksei's expertise in UX/UI and understanding of the testing process enable him to create products with a high level of user experience. This helps achieve the perfect balance between functionality and ease of use for the clients.