Alexander Chanov
Senior Android Developer at Zello
Alexander is engaged in software development, including the Android system, for more than 3 years. However, during such a short period, the talented developer has already worked on major projects both in the Russian and international markets. His broad range of tasks included the development of applications from scratch and their successful launch, team management and mentoring in educational projects and institutions.

He graduated from the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, engineering faculty. And also graduated from MGIMO in the field of international energy cooperation. He has been in the field for about 3 years. In the initial stages, he worked at Lukoil-Information company. At that time, his brother Alexey Chanov worked at VKontakte. He became interested in his activities, and started to receive the corresponding education - he took many courses and also had individual training in this field, for example, from the team leader of the Beeline company.

He worked on a project at the GLONASS company and became the only Android developer there. He created a mobile application from scratch related to eSIM, and electronic sim-cards, and was responsible for the full development of this project from the beginning until it was released to the public.
The application was a platform where users could purchase tariffs and download eSIM to their phone, and the new virtual operator implied managing these options. For example, in the application, you could replace the user's tariff with a more suitable one or change the operator.

After working for GLONASS, he started working on a project at Dodo Engineering company, participated in the development of a mobile application for the company's release on foreign markets, and then developed and improved it. He took part in the opening of the company's application in the UK, Vietnam, Nigeria, and many countries in Europe.

Alexander strives to develop and contribute to the IT industry that's why he participates in the most diverse projects. He participated in the NASA hackathon, which aims to develop innovations in the field of tasks for astronauts. His team made it to the semifinals, and out of 2.5 thousand teams, we became one of the 300 semi-finalists. Within the framework of the event, we developed the "Sleep shift scheduling tool" application, which allows astronauts to plan their time in space.
He was also a mentor at the Technopark at Bauman Moscow State Technical University on the Android development course.
In 2022, I was invited as an expert to the first hackathon of the Republic of Ingushetia.