Alexander Golovkov
Vice President of Architecture, Integration, QA and DevOpsVP at UniCredit Bank
Alexander is a highly experienced professional in the IT industry with a career spanning over 17 years, including 10 years in engineering management roles. He have a diverse skill set and have made significant contributions to various companies throughout his career.
His accomplishments include leading the development of logistics and production systems for Russia Post, which serves millions of customers and handles billions of letters, bills, and parcels annually. He also directed the core systems for Alpari, a global Forex broker with a large customer base and substantial monthly turnover. Additionally, they have worked on core systems at UniCredit Bank, one of Russia's largest banks and part of the UniCredit S.p.A international banking group.

In terms of expertise, this individual has experience in system analysis, software development, project management, quality assurance (QA), and architecture management. He have a track record of optimizing software development life cycle (SDLC) processes and have developed methodologies such as a systems analysis approach, DevOps guidelines and maturity models, and project planning methods.
Alexander have been involved in various projects, some of which include developing a fast payments system, a mobile banking application, a web portal for direct sales agents, and implementing DevOps practices for multiple bank applications. He have also worked on CRM systems, search engine reputation management, copy trading platforms, and various tools and systems related to foreign exchange (FX) trading and liquidity analysis.

In his earlier career, he contributed to projects such as SMS notification services for Russian Post, load prediction systems for sorting centers, messaging format development for Russian Post's information systems, cross-border data exchange with international post providers, and systems for postal item exchange between drivers and post offices using mobile terminals.
Overall, this individual brings a wealth of experience and expertise in IT, software development, project management, and system analysis. He have a proven track record of delivering successful projects and implementing efficient processes, and he thrive as a team player and leader.