Alexey Saraev
Lead Software Engineer at STRETCHIT Inc.
Alexey Saraev is an internationally recognized Full Stack Software Developer
with outstanding expertise spanning over 7 years in Information Technology. His expertise in iOS, Unity, and ML development has established him as a versatile and highly sought-after professional.

In his role as Lead Software Engineer at STRETCHIT Inc., Alexey is
instrumental in delivering a seamless user experience for the iOS application. His innovative features and optimization efforts resulted in an outstanding 500% increase in user engagement. Notably, his contributions elevated the app's user ratings from 4.5 to an exceptional 4.8, a testament to user satisfaction and loyalty. Alexey also earned recognition from the STRETCHIT CEO for his
pivotal role in the mobile application's success, which significantly contributed to the company's growth and presence in the fitness app market.

STRETCHIT's achievements further soared, with the app being named the best fitness app in 2023 and featured in the "New Apps" category in 2022 on the AppStore.
During his tenure as a Senior Software Engineer at InstaDev mobile
development studio from 2020 to 2021, Alexey excelled in developing and maintaining iOS applications. Notably, he crafted "iBeauty," a photo editor harnessing AI for precise body part recognition and editing through computer vision. This application, available on the App Store, has garnered positive reviews.

Alexey's excellence extends to the realm of hackathons, where he secured top positions in the Hack.Moscow v 2.0 international hackathon and the EdCrunch/Mix Hack national hackathon. His projects underscore his prowess in AI technologies, natural language processing, and machine learning.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Alexey is a member of ALRII - the Association of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Development, where his expertise, achievements, and AI-related projects have been celebrated.

In his freelance capacity as an iOS Developer, Alexey has successfully
developed and launched over 10 iOS applications across diverse categories on the App Store, consistently earning high user ratings and positive reviews.

As the Project Lead Developer at Blind Archer Games since September 2019, Alexey spearheads the development of "The Chronicles of Overlord" game, overseeing the entire project life cycle from concept to release. His expertise in Unity and the C# programming language is evident in his contributions to developing the game's core mechanics and AI.

Alexey's multifaceted technical skills, proficiency in AI development, and unwavering commitment to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements establish him as a standout professional in the software development industry.

His passion for AI, deep learning, and computer vision, underlines his
versatility as a highly skilled developer. Outside of his professional pursuits, Alexey enjoys hiking, board games, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, playing video games, and cycling. Alexey Saraev's extensive experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and ability to create impactful AI solutions position him as a prominent figure in the software development industry.