Alim Shogenov
Lead Software Engineer at Innotech
Alim Shogenov is a leading software engineer at Innotech LLC, where he plays a key role in developing technological projects for financial leaders. With more than 10,000 colleagues, they serve over 15 million users. His professional journey includes work at Tutu, one of Russia's leading tourist services, which is visited by more than 1 million users daily, as well as at the Ministry of Education of Russia's Academy, where he focused on educational and scientific research. Throughout his career in startups, Alim has developed crypto services with innovative and attractive elements. His projects have involved complex real-time animation and graphics, giving products a high level of visual appeal and functionality.

According to HeadHunter and Rosstat, Alim is among the highest-paid software engineers in Russia. His experience includes being a finalist in the Moscow City Hack 2022 competition and a laureate of the "Time of Innovations" award in 2022. He also has the honor of being a jury member at national and international hackathons.

Alim's scientific works have been recognized and published in leading international journals, including "Alley of Science", "Current Research", "Eastern European Scientific Journal", and the prestigious "The Norwegian Journal of Development of the International Science", created with the support of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences.

His significant contribution to the field of science and technology encompasses a diverse range of topics, such as improving website accessibility, exploring the advantages of ReactJS in modern web development, and developing tools and recommendations for creating unique micro-frontend architectures. His influence extends beyond Russia, reaching international platforms where he actively collaborates with the scientific community, participating in collaborations with academic conferences, online forums, and collaborative research projects. He shares insightful ideas on optimizing the loading speed of web pages and its impact on user interaction.

As a member of the jury for the "Best ESG Projects in Russia" 2023, the IAHD DEI Web Accessibility Hackathon 2023, and the MORE.Tech 5.0 2023 hackathon, Alim also participates in evaluating and directing the potential of new venture projects in the technology and startup industry, as a jury member of the BurningHeroes International Startup Competitions.

Additionally, he is a member of RAEC/Club, a closed community of internet business professionals, actively involved in problem-solving and lobbying interests through clusters and working groups. It is important to note that Alim also participated as a judge in the prestigious "Runet Award 2023," dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the national award in the Russian internet industry.