Amirali Kerimovs
Chief Product Officer at Baches Inc.
Amirali Kerimovs, who is currently based in Riga, Latvia, is an experienced software engineer and product manager. His notable accomplishments at Baches Inc. include defining the product
vision, managing and overseeing product releases, directing feature rollouts, coordinating cross-functional teams, and establishing critical international partnerships and integrations.

Under his leadership, Baches Inc. established a partnership with, receiving governmental support, and also released the alpha version of their app. This led to significant traction, with over 1,400 interviews conducted and more than 350+ businesses and handymen engaged and onboarded in a closed alpha test in the LATAM region.

Amir also founded his startup, FindBelay Inc., which specializes in advanced research and in-depth studies of Artificial Intelligence, people behavior, AI model development, and IoT devices within the insurance and financial sectors.The algorithms and approaches used in his
company were described in the scientific paper titled 'Algorithmization of IoT Device Control for User Fleet Management in Transport Insurance Systems', which was published in an internationally cited journal.

His software engineering background is considerable, having worked with Pearl Nord Group (Latvian Branch) and Fintel Technologies. In these roles, he played pivotal parts in enhancing e-commerce platforms and refining server-side architecture. His innovation and critical roles in
the industry consistently highlight his contribution to the IT industry.
He is the creator of an open-source library named Junter, which offers a solution for converting JSON data directly into structured HTML elements. Tailored for professional developers, it streamlines the process of building complex web interfaces. This tool simplifies the integration of data with web elements, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of web development. Junter has hundreds of downloads on npm.

In 2023, Amir secured first place in the Generative AI Track at DeveloperWeek CloudX, the world's largest cloud computing challenge-driven hackathon held in San Mateo, Bay Area, California.
Amir has written and published more than 7 scientific research papers in international indexed journals. His engagement with the tech community is further evidenced by his active membership in the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and his recognition
as a Fellow by the Open Association of Research Society in the United States.

Additionally, Amir contributes to the technology and startup spirit as an association member and judge at the BurningHeroes International Startup Competitions, guiding and assessing the potential of new ventures in the tech industry.