Andrei Archakov
Head of Frontend at Inet Production
Andrei is seasoned Frontend Engineer with an impressive track record spanning over 6 years in software development. Over the past two years, he's taken on the role of department head, leading a team of 10+ front-end developers with finesse and expertise.

Andrei's prowess extends beyond mere management; he's the architect behind frontend solutions designed for high-load environments and rapid time-to-market demands. His dedication to staying at the forefront of technology is evident in his active involvement in the tech community. You can often find him sharing insights on Habr, delivering engaging lectures in online schools, and crafting comprehensive courses on frontend technologies.

But Andrei's journey into the world of development began long before his professional career. His passion ignited at the age of 12, when he delved into crafting simple games in Unity and developing servers for various gaming platforms. Transitioning to web development at 16, Andrei wasted no time in immersing himself fully, landing his first full-time job in the field.

Not content with just honing his own skills, Andrei spent over two years at an online school, initially as a curator, eventually rising to head of training. There, he played a pivotal role in nurturing budding talents and transforming seasoned professionals into industry-ready experts.

Andrei's impact on critical company projects has been profound, leading to boosted revenue streams and enhanced client retention rates. His adept problem-solving skills, coupled with his adept leadership, have been instrumental in overcoming complex technical hurdles and refining project architectures.