Andrei Lazarev
Software Engineering Manager at Innotech
Andrei Lazarev is a Software Engineering Manager in the FinTech industry with approximately 6 years of experience. At Tinkoff, he worked as a Java Software Engineer.

Since January 2019, Andrei worked as a Software Engineering Manager at Tinkoff. During this time, he managed a cross-functional development team consisting of up to 12 people. His responsibilities included leading the team in developing and implementing software solutions, managing projects, and ensuring the continuous improvement of software engineering processes.

In March 2022, Andrei began working as a Senior Software Engineering Manager at Innotech. In this role, he continues to lead software development teams and manage projects. He is responsible for ensuring that the teams are delivering high-quality software solutions on time and within budget. Additionally, he is involved in the continuous improvement of software engineering processes at Innotech.

Overall, Andrei's recent work experience demonstrates his expertise in managing cross-functional development teams and delivering high-quality software solutions. His experience in both Java/Kotlin programming and REST-API architecture has also been valuable in his roles as a Software Engineering Manager.