Anna Chumakova
Head of a Project Team, Innotech LLC
Anna Chumakova is a recognized expert in Software Development and Quality Assurance within the information and technology sector, boasting over 13 years of experience with some of the largest IT corporations in the Russian Federation. She has authored numerous scholarly articles and the book "Practical Guide to Testing Large Information Systems," which provide valuable insights into complex technical subjects, reflecting her commitment to advancing her own knowledge and contributing to the growth of the Information Technology field.

Chumakova graduated with honors in 2012 from the Ural Federal University, holding a Specialist degree in "Social Work" with a specialization in "Security Technologies in the Social Sphere". Her professional journey began at the Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development as an Information Control Specialist. She then transitioned to the Federal University of Ural, where she worked as a System Analyst for four years. Her dedication and skills led her to a significant role as Chief QA Engineer at Sberbank, where she spent over seven years refining her expertise.

Currently, Anna Chumakova serves as the Head of a Project Team at Innotech LLC. In this role, she plays a key part in developing technological projects for financial leaders such as VTB Bank. Her critical impact on the company's projects has been remarkable, contributing to maintaining Innotech LLC's leadership in the field, boosting revenue streams, and enhancing client retention rates.
Her problem-solving skills and leadership have been instrumental in overcoming complex technical challenges and refining project architectures. Anna has been repeatedly awarded certificates of honor and gratitude from her peers and supervisors, recognizing her significant contributions.