Anton Krachkov
Senior Frontend Developer at Impress
Anton is a highly skilled Senior Frontend Developer with over six years of experience, having worked at renowned companies such as Sberbank, QIWI, and PepsiCo. Currently, Anton is employed at Impress, where he is involved in developing the back office for internal employees and assisting them with organizing the appointment calendar for clinics.

Anton has demonstrated exceptional flexibility in his career by successfully transitioning from a financial analyst to a developer. This highlights his ability to adapt to new challenges and quickly acquire new skills.

In addition to his professional responsibilities, Anton actively participates in technology and software development communities, regularly sharing his knowledge and insights. He is known for his ability to simplify complex technical concepts and his efforts to improve the tech ecosystem. Anton is also dedicated to mentoring emerging developers and actively engages in tech forums, underscoring his commitment to the broader technological community. His diverse career reflects his passion for innovation, education, and collaboration in the tech industry.