Anton Novikau
Head of Mobile Development at Talaera
Anton Novikau, based in San Francisco, is the Head of Mobile Development at Talaera, an EdTech company. His work focuses on leading the company's software development efforts, significantly impacting the field of educational technology.

With experience in the IT industry before concentrating on EdTech, Anton has developed a keen expertise in both mobile and backend software development. His contributions to Talaera demonstrate his ability to leverage technology to improve educational outcomes.
Anton is also known for his articles on mobile and backend software development. These pieces provide valuable insights and guidance to both peers and newcomers in the tech community.

Aside from his written work, Anton has served as a judge at the IT World Awards and the Globee Codie Awards. In this role, he evaluates and recognizes innovation and excellence in the technology sector.

Anton's influence in EdTech and technology, in general, is marked by his leadership in software development and his participation in recognizing industry achievements. His work continues to contribute to advancements in educational technology.