Artem Shitov
Senior Software Engineer at Gradle
Artem is a highly skilled professional with extensive experience in AI, Data Platforms, In-Memory Computing, and Enterprise Architecture. Over his career, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership and outstanding technical expertise in developing and implementing advanced technological solutions, earning recognition for his extraordinary ability in the field.

He has played pivotal roles in significant projects across industry-leading technology companies. Artem has successfully managed cross-functional teams and senior stakeholders across the globe, driving complex projects such as transforming financial institutions' channel architecture, resulting in a more than 10-rank increase for customer channels, or enabling AI use cases via new Data Platform, which doubled use case implementation velocity and allowed for complex real-time scenarios for another major industry player.

Artem has also championed In-Memory Computing technologies in Russia and the CIS impacting >25,000 professionals through his articles and high-profile speaking engagements (e.g., Sberbank In-Memory Computing Day, T-Adviser, Highload++), sharing the stage with senior leaders and well-regarded engineers from major national and international companies.

His contributions have been recognized in the industry through his thought leadership in Data technologies and AI.