Artem Ziborev
Python Developer at Medsi
Artem Ziborev is an experienced software backend developer, specializing in web development, databases, and software architecture. With a diverse background spanning industries such as E-
commerce, Finance, Logistics, Blockchain, and Computer Vision, he has proven his proficiency in delivering robust solutions. Skilled in Python and Rust, Artem has successfully contributed to
projects of varying scales, ranging from startups to large enterprise solutions.

In his extensive portfolio, Artem has notably implemented successful projects for prominent organizations, including Sberbank, PWC, NLMK, OpenWeather, and other major companies.

Notably, Artem serves as a member of the Expert Council of the Runet Award, showcasing his commitment to the advancement of the digital landscape. Additionally, he holds a position as a
jury member of The Trends, further attesting to his industry recognition.
Artems outstanding contributions to the field have earned him the prestigious Time for Innovation Awards" as the breakthrough of the year, a testament to his dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology.

Beyond his practical achievements, Artem has authored several academic articles that have garnered significant attention within the scientific community, highlighting his commitment to knowledge-sharing and contributing to the advancement of the field.