Artsiom Rusau
QA Engineer and Tutor
Artsiom works as a software tester and has over five years of experience in product companies, outstaffing firms, and startups.
In 2020, Artsiom started an educational YouTube channel for future testers, which now has over 150,000 subscribers.

He has built a thriving community for beginners and QA experts around the channel, with hundreds of members on Telegram, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This includes the largest community for QA Mentors and a support network for beginners called Junohub.

Artsiom is a frequent speaker at international conferences such as SQA Days 33 and 34, and he regularly presents at company meetups. Additionally, he is a member of the program committee for SQA Days 35.

He has also authored articles for various industry publications.
In addition to his public speaking and writing, Artsiom has created popular courses on platforms like Udemy and Stepik, reaching over 45,000 testers. His contributions to the field of software testing through education and community building have made a significant impact on the QA industry.