Denis Ermilov
Deputy Director Cinimex
Denis Ermilov is the Deputy Director of the company "Cinimex" responsible for working with strategic clients. He has been involved in building businesses in the IT industry and creating platforms for the fintech industry for over 15 years. His goal is to use technology to create a profitable business.

Denis's main mindset is to grow a strong team in the IT and fintech industries that can turn ideas into innovative projects and successfully implement them for clients. He is developing a practice of projects in various payment systems and open interfaces.

Under Denis's leadership over the past 5 years, a business unit and practice with more than 140 employees have been created (starting with 9 employees in 2016). The annual volume of projects has grown from $0.2 million in 2016 to $13-15 million per year.

Denis has established partnerships with the FinTech Association, SWIFT, Rosswift, and other industry leaders. The practice contains the necessary set of consultants and experts in banking and IT, as well as necessary training materials and employee development processes.

Denis is the author of projects in the field of payments for banks, including VTB, Post Bank, and the Volkswagen financial group. He also worked closely with the Central Bank. The company's first international projects in China and India were related to payments, lending, and data analysis. Denis was the first in Russia to launch projects on open-source libraries for analyzing and creating SWIFT and ISO20022 messages, as well as fully open-source platforms based on TYK Gateway software in the field of Open Banking (all for VTB and with the participation of VTB).

Denis is also the author of the Cinimex Test Tool. He has dedicated his life to creating innovative solutions in the IT and fintech industries, and his passion is to use technology to create a better world.