Denis Dubachev
Senior Software Engineer at AST
Denis Dubachev is a leading programmer at AST LLC. He has been working in the field of maintenance of the road infrastructure of toll roads for 12 years. During this time, he has gained unique experience working with a large number of different equipment and software, has experience in interacting with equipment suppliers from France, Italy and other countries, and also has experience in designing and implementing both software systems and hardware and software systems, including designing technical solutions.

As a result of his activity, two departments were created in the company "UTS - United Toll Systems" the technical support department and the department of development and implementation of technical solutions. He was among those specialists who showed the need to create such departments and subsequently proved by personal example the effectiveness of their work.

AST LLC started its active activity only with his transfer to this company in 2018. He has programming skills in several languages (NodeJS, PHP, Delphi, C++ for AVR, specialized languages of the IEC61131 family for PLC) and can also work in specialized development environments (IDE) (CodeVisionAVR, Siemens LOGO! IDE, Schneider soMachine, Phoenix contact PC WORX EXPRESS, STM32CubeIDE). He acquired and developed all these skills independently, and successfully applied the acquired knowledge in his developments throughout his professional career.

He also participated in the expert evaluation of toll road projects under construction in Russia. His achievements were highly appreciated by the award of the National Business Award "Technologies and Innovations 2023" in the nomination "Developer of the Year in the field of specialized software". Also, an indicator of his professionalism can be considered the fact that in 2022 he was invited to the jury panel for the competition "Development of Regions. The best for Russia." In this competition, he participated in the judging panel in the nomination "IT and digital technologies".

In general, Denis Dubachev is a highly qualified specialist in the field of information technology, who has made a significant contribution to the development of the road infrastructure of toll roads in Russia.