Dmitrii Shatokhin
Frontend Architect at Support Partners
Dmitry is an experienced Software Engineer and Architect boasting over a decade of expertise in the field. His areas of specialization include software engineering and architecture, fueled by a strong interest in physics and mathematics.

His career began with mastering languages such as C, C++, and Python, evolving to a focus on web development. Nevertheless, Dmitry's programming endeavors are not limited to the web; he actively engages in projects related to C, Rust, AI, and data science, embodying the principle that "Specialization is for insects," as famously stated by Robert Heinlein.

Dmitry's experience spans working with innovative startups as well as established large companies, where he has played a significant role in developing and enhancing various products.

He is also the creator of several open-source libraries, these libraries have collectively garnered approximately 200,000 downloads, showcasing their widespread use and acceptance in the developer community.