Dmitry Sedov
Senior Software Engineer at Higher School of Economics
He is a Software Engineer with approximately 7 years of experience. He has worked in various companies and has expertise in data engineering, Python development, Apache Airflow, Docker, PostgreSQL, and more.

Currently, he is working as a Senior Data Engineer at the Higher School of Economics. His responsibilities include writing data pipelines for creating and updating Elasticsearch indexes, identifying and optimizing bottlenecks in Elasticsearch indexes, and upgrading Airflow to version 2.0 with a local executor and Docker container.

Previously, he worked as a Senior Software Engineer at A3, where he led a Python development team. He was responsible for Airflow pipeline development and monitoring, integrating new clients, developing Flask microservices, and implementing Docker for CI/CD processes.

Before that, he worked at Factorymarket, a marketplace startup, as a Software Engineer. His tasks included developing APIs for product feeds, testing sorting algorithms through AB tests, and managing the Apache Airflow infrastructure.

He also has experience as a Software Engineer at KUPIVIP.RU, where he worked on sorting algorithms, APIs for delivering feeds, fraud detection services, and developing tools for creating GIF banners.

In his earlier career, he worked as a Python Developer at Valuement, focusing on creating Python scripts for analyzing financial statements of retail companies.

Overall, he has a strong background in data engineering, Python development, and working with technologies such as Apache Airflow, Docker, Elasticsearch, and PostgreSQL.