Evgeniy Grechenok
Technical Lead at XLA
Evgeniy is a goal-oriented and constantly developing software development technical leader
with 15 years of experience in creating products, including projects and startups from scratch. In recent years, he has specialized in creating startups, specifically strategic planning, design, optimization, budget management, and negotiations with partners. He regularly conducts consultations on product development.

He studied at the Novosibirsk State Technical University in the Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering. He is an information security specialist.

After university, he worked as a developer in small companies where he gained diverse and interesting experience. After some time, he registered as an individual entrepreneur and began working as a businessman. After participating with partners in a hackathon at the
Novosibirsk Academic City with a logistics project (startup), he received an invitation and the opportunity to implement several projects for the СDEK company. СDEK, or "Express Courier" delivery service, is an international logistics company. The collaboration with СDEK
lasted for more than 5 years. Six different projects were developed for СDEK to automate internal business processes, and invaluable experience was gained from working with a large and ambitious company.

The first opportunity to develop a truly innovative product in the role of CTO appeared at the telecom company easy4. Easy4 was supposed to become a new virtual communication operator and planned to occupy 7% of the Russian market. For this company, Evgeniy designed and developed, along with the team, a unique billing system for roaming-free operation of subscribers' phones in different countries using Multi-IMSI technology (Multi International Mobile Subscriber Identity — a changeable international individual subscriber number). The company managed to connect the first subscribers and test the connection,
but it failed to gain any significant market share, and the project was closed.

Evgeniy began working with blockchain in 2018 at chrono.tech as a web3 developer. He then briefly returned to traditional development but, starting in 2020, his interests fully shifted to the field of blockchain and DeFi products. He worked at Tencoins for several years, where
several products were created in the roles of developer and CTO. Solutions for automating operations with blockchain, a custodial wallet, and a decentralized yield aggregator were designed. The aggregator optimizes the placement of its clients' digital assets on multiple
platforms, saving investors time and money while earning them the best return on the market. One of the projects collected a TVL of more than $10,000,000 and is currently operating successfully (unfortunately, it is not possible to disclose project data due to security concerns and NDAs).

Currently, Evgeniy is collaborating with XLA, a company focused on creating innovative Web3 technologies: meta-sites and smart contracts for revenue distribution from intellectual
property.The team is working on Solidity smart contracts, SDKs for developers, and building a billing system based on a private blockchain network. Ultimately, XLA expects that their products will help in profit distribution and meta-site creation in areas such as selling music
content and video files, creating products for metaverses, selling NFT collections, and other goods and services in the new Web3 economy.