Igor Aleksandrov

Co-Founder, CTO JetRockets

Igor started working as a software engineer in September 2004 in the Internet Department of Tver State University. Combining studies in the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics with real-world professional experience significantly boosted his technical knowledge.

After graduating in 2008, Igor worked a few years with a Smalltalk programming language but quickly switched his focus to Ruby.

In 2012, Igor co-founded JetRockets, a software development company with a distinct focus on web and mobile software development for non-technical founders. Guiding the company with his visionary leadership, JetRockets has consistently delivered cutting-edge products (including SafariPortal, which received WebExcellence and DEVIES awards in 2023) that have impacted the industry. Igor's belief in mentorship and fostering internal growth is evident in the fact that a significant number of JetRockets' senior employees are former recent graduates who joined the company early in their careers and have stayed for many years, a testament to his leadership and the company's culture.

Igor's passion for the Open Source community is not just a personal interest, but a testament to his commitment to knowledge sharing and industry development. His contributions to notable projects such as the Crystal programming language, Ruby on Rails framework, and Kamal – Docker orchestration tool, have not only showcased his technical prowess but also his dedication to advancing the field. He spoke at several Ruby conferences, including Ruby Russia in 2019 and Saint Petersburg Ruby Meetup in 2020. During the COVID years, he participated in several online conferences, including the first international Crystal language conference in 2021 in Argentina.

Combining technical expertise with a deep understanding of business needs, Igor has helped numerous clients grow from startups to thriving companies with global presence. He is a strong advocate for remote work and has been instrumental in building a company culture that values diversity and inclusion.