Igor Borodulin
AI Engineer, Chief Technology Officer at CashQ
Igor Borodulin is an experienced software developer and architect with an outstanding career spanning over 12 years. He specializes in advanced payment processing solutions and high-capacity payment gateways. Igor's expertise in crafting complex client-server web applications for businesses has positioned him as a leader in creating scalable and robust systems.

A key achievement in Igor's career is his leading role in developing and architecture an innovative AI Compliance Copilot project. This secure and reliable generative AI solution represents a significant milestone in applying artificial intelligence within the legal and financial sectors. By automating regulatory compliance tasks, the project employs AI-powered tools for conversational search and drafting, document analysis, summarization, and providing accurate legal references. It significantly improves legal workflows, backed by an extensive legal database and a powerful AI engine developed through collaborations with leading AI research entities.

This initiative showcases Igor's expanding expertise in AI and marks a significant contribution to the intersection of legal technology and financial services, establishing his status as a key innovator in financial technology. His dedication to the IT community, through technical publications and thought leadership, further demonstrates his commitment to driving innovation in the industry.