Ilia Chernetskii
Senior Web Developer at Evolution
Ilia Chernetskii began his career as a Web Developer in 2008, amassing expertise in complex web applications and JavaScript. He's worked in roles from freelancing to key positions in corporations listed in Forbes. Ilia Chernetskii significantly contributed to the success of the Estonian office of the company "Evolution" by playing a critical role in the web development of two new games, Bac Bo and Football Studio Dice, with Bac Bo ranking fifth in profits among 500+ Evolution games. His expertise and technical decisions not only propelled the office's growth but also enhanced the Evolution brand's image in the technical domain. Previously, he was a Senior Web Developer at Smarto, managing a team for diverse web projects. He also freelanced, providing web solutions, served as a .NET developer at Reksoft and developed robotics software at the State Scientific Center.

He has a Master's degree in Engineering and Technology from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University with a GPA of 4.8/5 and completed the Presidential Leadership Program there. He completed an internship at the Nyenrode University in Amsterdam.

Ilia frequently speaks at events like the worldwide JS GameDev Summit, DevClub and TallinnJS on JavaScript and game development topics. His insights are featured in media outlets like ETV+, Radio 4 and Komsomolskaya Pravda. As an industry expert, he has been consulted multiple times for technical assessments and has served on judging panels for national tech awards.

He mentors new developers at Evolution's bootcamp. He's a senior member of the "SmartSng" Software Developers Association and globally recognized IEEE. He has been repeatedly engaged by various companies as an external expert to analyze existing IT solutions, as well as to assist in the assessment of the hired personnel.
His contributions extend to the academic domain as well. Ilia has assessed scientific articles for the "Actual Research" journal and authored peer-reviewed scientific articles in software web development.