Ilia Sergunin
Senior Software Engineer at Avito
Ilia is a versatile and skilled backend programmer with over 8 years of experience - a true problem-solver and solution-oriented expert. He is a Senior Software Engineer at one of the largest companies in his country - Avito. With a passion for crafting reliable, efficient, and flexible solutions that cater to the specific needs of users, this programmer stands out in the tech world.

A tech-savvy individual with an impressive knowledge of fundamental tech concepts, proficient in wide range of programming languages, including SQL and NoSQL databases such as PostgresQL, MySQL, and Redis, Golang using Fiber and sqlx, PHP with Symfony 4/5, Yii2, Codeception, and Composer, Python with Scrapy, PyTest, and Ansible, as well as REST, OpenApi, and GraphQL. His skills in Git and Docker additionally strengthen his expertise. set them apart.

Having worked with esteemed organizations like Skillbox as a PHP tutor and Yandex as a PHP developer. Ilia has developed two personal libraries, with more than 100 stars, which perfectly reflects his commitment to quality and innovation. With such an impressive skill set and experience, he is undoubtedly a valuable asset to any tech team.