Ivan Korolenko
Frontend Tech Lead in Yandex
Ivan is a highly skilled Frontend Tech Lead with extensive experience in AI, FinTech, E-commerce, and Fashion, currently working with Yandex. He has significantly contributed to the development of critical company projects, leading to increased revenue and improved client retention rates. Ivan has also been instrumental in solving complex technical issues, guiding team dynamics, and enhancing project architectures. In addition to his professional work, Ivan engages in writing articles and conducting scientific research, contributing valuable insights and innovations to his field. His expertise and leadership have marked him as a key figure in technological development and thought leadership.

In addition to his professional and academic pursuits, Ivan has a robust presence in technology and software development communities, where he regularly shares his expertise and insights. He is known for his ability to demystify complex technical topics and for his contributions to enhancing the tech ecosystem. His dedication to mentoring up-and-coming developers and his active participation in tech forums highlight his commitment to the broader technological community. Ivan's multifaceted career demonstrates his passion for innovation, education, and collaboration within the tech industry.