Janardan Dagar
Postdoctoral scientist in Helmholtz-Zentrum
Janardan Dagar, who is currently based in Berlin, Germany, is a postdoctoral scientist with extensive experience in the field of large-area perovskite solar modules and tandem via slot die coating. He has a diverse range of skills and expertise, including ink optimization, in-situ process monitoring, crystallization kinetics, thin film characterization, flexible solar cell, and organic electronic devices.

Janardan's expertise in the field of material ink development and disseminating scientific findings through peer-reviewed publications has made him an asset to any project. His experience in EU project management has provided him with the skills needed to lead a team of scientists and commission a slot-die coater, optimizing the process parameters to enable scaling the deposition to larger areas. He has also successfully led slot-die coating and module development teams.

Janardan is a prolific grant proposal writer, and his novel strategies have contributed to improving the long-term performance of perovskite solar cells, modules, and tandems. In addition, he has supervised Ph.D. and M.Sc. students in the laboratory, and his productive collaborations with colleagues at HZB, UoR, and CSIR-NPL have led to many breakthroughs in the field.

Janardan's contributions to technical developments have enabled him to file a patent. His exceptional skills and expertise in large-area perovskite solar modules and tandem via slot die coating have made him an invaluable member of any team working in this field.