Kirill Sergushichev
Lead engineer at Burtsev Laboratory LLC
Kirill is an exceptional lead hardware engineer and a project manager in the field of electronics and microelectronics, whose developments are internationally recognized and innovative.

During his studies at the "LETI" University, the oldest electrical engineering university in Europe, Kirill was invited to the department of the University - the Engineering Center of Microtechnology and Diagnostics. There, for more than 10 years, he had been working in the laboratory of wide-gap semiconductor materials. In cleanrooms he fully developed, set up technological processes and manufactured prototypes of semiconductor devices. These devices have been widely used for industrial applications.

Since 2018 Kirill has been working on the ambitious project at the innovative Burtsev Laboratory LLC. As a lead engineer he succeeded in the development of a gas-discharge source of soft X-ray radiation. Kirill's approach to the gas-discharge plasma source allowed to develop and manufacture a frequency source, which is one of several developments of such type in the world. The development has received two patents and become the winner of the competition for grants from the Russian Science Foundation.

Based on the gas-discharge source of soft X-ray radiation, Kirill also designed a version of an affordable laboratory lithograph, which can be widely used in laboratories involved in semiconductor device development over the world.

Due to his extensive knowledge and high technical skills, in 2021 Kirill was invited to the position of technical project manager in the "EM Group" LLC, a leading engineering company in the wireless communications and IoT market. As the head of the development project, Kirill created two LTE wireless communication modules with embedded GNSS chip, developed hardware for them and testing mechanisms. The modules were put into mass production in the amount of more than 300,000 units.

As part of scientific work, Kirill regularly speaks at various national and international conferences. He has been widely published in authoritative indexed journals in the field of electronics and microelectronics (more than 28 peer-reviewed papers as an author).

Kirill has a deep understanding of microelectronic and electronic systems, from their design and fabrication to testing and optimization. He has a proven track record of developing innovative solutions to complex problems, demonstrated by his contributions to many successful projects in the industry.