Kirill Adeshchenko
Head of Mobile at The Hole
Kirill is a highly skilled and accomplished Software Engineer with a particular focus on mobile development for Android and iOS platforms. His career, spanning over seven years, is marked by significant achievements and leadership roles in various prestigious organizations.

Key Achievements:

  1. Launched a major banking app for agribusiness in Europe while at Russian Agriculture Bank, contributing to a 30% increase in the company's deposit portfolio and a 75% rise in digital operations.
  2. Developed a successful mobile application for a betting company, enabling the business to expand into new countries and capture 30% of the betting market there.
  3. Created a mobile application for a gaming streaming startup, generating revenues of $400K per month.

    Skills and Expertise:
    • Mobile Enterprise
    • Project Management
    • Mobile Application Development
    • Android Development
    • iOS Development
    Kirill's career is notable not just for his technical expertise but also for his leadership and coaching skills. He has played a pivotal role in mentoring tech professionals and has been an active participant in technical conferences and podcasts. His work demonstrates a profound understanding of the mobile technology landscape and its application in various industries, from banking and betting to entertainment and agriculture.