Manohar Sai Jasti
Software Development Engineer, Performance Data Engineering at Workday
Manohar is a highly skilled Data Engineer with over four years of experience, currently contributing his expertise at Workday. Based in Atlanta, GA, Manohar specializes in developing analytical systems, streamlining data processes, and enhancing customer experience through innovative solutions. His technical proficiency includes SQL, Python, Databricks, dbt, Airflow and cloud platforms like Snowflake, BigQuery, GCP, AWS, and Azure.

At Workday, Manohar focuses on developing robust data transformation pipelines to ensure efficient data flow. He collaborates with domain experts to gather requirements and deliver tailored data solutions, utilizing tools like Trino/Presto, Jupyter Notebooks, Apache AirFlow, AWS RDS, and MySQL/Postgresql. His efforts in innovating and automating data models significantly influence pipeline architecture and efficiency.

Before Workday, he was a sole Data Engineer at Stord, where he led projects to streamline data transfer, revamp data infrastructure, and enhance data query performance. Manohar also developed a Gen-AI powered and data focused chatbot for improving customer interactions.

From 2019 to 2022, at Kaizen Analytix, Manohar migrated optimization solutions to the Azure cloud and led data engineering for anomaly detection tools. He reengineered operations to fix production-level data engineering issues.

He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University, where he focused on reinforcement learning and intelligent tutoring systems, and a Bachelor’s degree from K.L University, India.

Manohar’s commitment to leveraging data to solve complex problems and deliver impactful solutions makes him a valuable asset in any high-load production environmen