Markov Vladimir
Software Engineer at Tinkoff
Vladimir Markov is an experienced software developer with five years of progressive experience in the tech industry, beginning his career at the Center for Oil and Gas Technologies.There, he led the development of a VR training platform tailored for the oil and gas industry, enhancing professional training programs through immersive technology. After this role, Vladimir joined Mirai Vision, where he made significant contributions to developing computer vision solutions that improved operational efficiency across several factories.

Currently, Vladimir plays a crucial role at Tinkoff, where he leads the development of infrastructure for a state-of-the-art voice conversion service. His deep expertise in Python and C++ has been crucial in advancing Tinkoff's innovative fintech solutions, establishing him as a key figure in the field.

Beyond his technical contributions, Vladimir is a committed mentor and public speaker within the IT community. His involvement extends to guiding young professionals and sharing insights on technological advancements, illustrating his dedication to fostering growth and innovation in the industry.