Mikhail Isaev
Lead Software Engineer at onUgo. Author of SwifWeb
Mikhail Isaev is an internationally recognized Full Stack Software Developer with a remarkable track record of success spanning over 15 years in the field of Information Technology. His extensive experience across various domains, including front-end, back-end, mobile, and embedded development, has made him a versatile and highly sought-after professional.

With a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, Mikhail has been an integral part of the startup ecosystem since 2010. In a pivotal moment, he secured a noteworthy achievement by winning a $100,000 investment at StartupWeekend in Moscow, Russia, with his groundbreaking venture, Brogaming. This aggregator platform for gamers revolutionized the gaming industry by gathering data from prominent platforms such as PS Network, Xbox, Steam, and others. This early success showcased Mikhail's visionary mindset and ability to identify and capitalize on emerging trends.

Furthermore, he was the one who created the first rich mobile online store app for the largest computer store in Russia, and that exemplifies his extraordinary talent and drive. The Android app gained an astounding 50,000 users within a week of its release, highlighting Mikhail's ability to create innovative solutions that resonate with users and drive engagement.

Besides, collaborating with top-level manager at Wargaming, Mikhail co-created the first fantasy eSports gaming app, a groundbreaking project that showcased his ability to stay ahead of the curve. This early foray into the world of fantasy eSports demonstrated his knack for identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends, cementing his reputation as an industry pioneer.

In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Mikhail is also a prolific contributor to the open-source community. His vast array of popular and highly useful open-source libraries demonstrates his commitment to advancing the field of software development. Mikhail is a trailblazer in the field of Server Side Swift development.
His latest creation, SwifWeb, opens up exciting new possibilities for existing iOS developers, allowing them to write native web applications using the Swift language. This groundbreaking library has the potential to revolutionize the web-development market, providing developers with powerful tools to create seamless and innovative web applications.

Mikhail Isaev's extensive experience, entrepreneurial mindset, and ability to create impactful solutions have positioned him as a standout professional and highly-respected figure in the software development industry. Throughout his career, Mikhail has consistently delivered exceptional results. He has been the key figure and lead architect and performed in a critical role for recognized organizations such as onUgo and Zihi.