Nikhil Badwaik
Software Engineer leader at Nike
Nikhil is a visionary Software Engineer leader at Nike, a dedicated IT Mentor with over 12 years of diverse technical expertise, and a startup advisor. He is a driven, enthusiastic, and composed individual with a strong focus on goal achievement, self-reflection, and organization.

With extensive proficiency in cutting-edge technologies like Javascript, Angular/React, Redux, NodeJS, and Databases, Nikhil's true passion lies in Fullstack web Development and Management. However, he is also made significant contributions to Nike launch platforms, DevOps, Delivery & Resource Management, System Design,
and Interviewing.

As a startup advisor, Nikhil leverages his technical expertise and industry knowledge to guide innovative startups in achieving their full potential. He provides valuable insights and strategic guidance on product development, technology strategy, and team management, helping entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of building and scaling a
successful startup.

Nikhil is expertise has been recognized globally, with invitations to judge prestigious awards like the Globee Awards and multiple national and international Hackathons. As a Senior IEEE member (a distinction held by only 10% of members worldwide), he is mentored numerous developers, helping them launch their careers in software development, resolve technical issues, and refine their skills.

Throughout his career, Nikhil has refined his approaches to software development, code auditing, interviewing, time management, code review, and mentorship, making him a highly respected figure in the industry. His dedication to helping others and driving innovation has made a lasting impact on the tech community.