Artiom Kuciuk
Tech Lead at Greentube Gmbh
Artiom Kuciuk is a seasoned software developer with over 15 years of experience in a diverse range of programming languages and technologies, including Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, Kotlin, and Go. His expertise extends to coding, microservice refactoring, and optimization, demonstrating a strong background in software development. Artiom also possesses a decade of experience in architecting, implementing, and operating environments on major cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.

He is proficient in containerization and orchestration technologies, including Docker, Kubernetes, and Openshift, and is skilled in designing and managing Microservice Scalable Architecture. Additionally, Artiom excels in automation and testing, highlighting his commitment to quality and efficiency in software development processes.

With a solid foundation in data structures, algorithms, and software design, Artiom has strong analytical and debugging skills, which are crucial for complex software projects. He is also knowledgeable in UX/UI telemetry and is adept at enhancing performance to meet user expectations.

Technically, Artiom is well-versed in various technologies, including Microservices, Java, Java API, .Net, PipelineR, Spring Boot, IOC, Batch, Resteasy, Jetty, WPF, WCF, and several ORM tools like Entity Framework and Dapper. His experience also covers unit testing frameworks such as XUnit, NUnit, Moq, and NSubstitute, as well as database management through REDIS and web development technologies like Asp.Net Core, Nodejs, and Cordova. His skill set also includes front-end development with LESS and SASS, and mobile application development for Android and iOS using Xamarin and MVVM Cross.