Pavel Konan
CEO at Geek-Solutions
Pavel Konan is a highly accomplished logistics professional with a remarkable blend of expertise in logistics operations and cutting-edge technology. With over 8 years of experience as CEO at Geek-Solutions, Pavel has cultivated a reputation for not only technical prowess but also for his exceptional interpersonal skills and collaborative approach to teamwork. His contributions have led to the development of innovative IT solutions that have catapulted clients' businesses from modest beginnings to handling millions of daily transactions.

During his tenure as CEO at SpotVision, spanning 3 years and 3 months, Pavel demonstrated his ability to achieve exceptional results without the need for substantial investments. By harnessing existing CCTV camera networks and implementing Computer Vision technology, he and his team introduced a mobile app that revolutionized parking solutions, making the process of finding vacant spots incredibly convenient for drivers.

Pavel's background also includes a stint as Head of Development at Coursmos, where he successfully established an E-learning platform, overcoming resource limitations. The platform's micro-courses approach resonated with a wide customer base, providing valuable knowledge without the need for extensive content searches.

As a Co-founder of P3chat, Pavel was instrumental in pioneering online chat solutions for Ecommerce, marking a pivotal moment in online sales and support. His visionary thinking at a time when the potential of Internet browsers was being fully realized laid the foundation for modern customer interactions.

Furthermore, Pavel's experience as a Software Engineer at ISsoft and SaM Solutions underscores his ability to create sophisticated monitoring systems and automate complex business processes, always with an eye on long-term value and client satisfaction.
Pavel's educational background includes studies in Business Administration and Management in the Netherlands, as well as a Master of Science in Radiophysics from BSUIR.
His skill set encompasses International Logistics, Logistics Management, Business Analysis, and Software Project Management, among others. Pavel's dedication to utilizing technology to optimize logistics processes, coupled with his strong problem-solving and communication skills, positions him as a dynamic force capable of driving results in fast-paced environments.

In summary, Pavel Konan is an accomplished logistics professional whose innovative thinking, technical acumen, and leadership have consistently delivered transformative results throughout his career.