Rustam Akhmetov
Lead Software Engineer at Lightspeed
Rustam holds two higher education degrees: one in computer science and the other in economics. He has been involved in development for over 12 years, including part-time work while studying at university. He has more than 6 years of experience in management positions in technical management, project management, and critical systems. Additionally, he has experience working as a developer and architect for systems and applications.

He presented at Joker, the main Java conference in the CIS, where he proposed a new application-level architecture concept.

Rustam is a software engineering team lead at Lightspeed Commerce, responsible for creating and fixing integration microservices, including scaling optimizations for an API squad that serves integration functionality worldwide.

Previously, Rustam worked as a deputy CTO, architect, and lead software engineer for Usetech, where they were involved in electronic document management systems, R&D departments, and projects for millions of people. He has achieved significant accomplishments including holding a C-level position at UseTech with responsibility for 700+ employees. He developed UseBus, a bus used at UseTech, and his architecture has been featured in articles and sketches published.

Before that, Rustam worked for Sberbank as the head of the IT department, an architect, and lead software engineer, responsible for Java development and architecture.