Sergei Moskvin
Lead iOS Developer at Detsky Mir
As a seasoned Lead iOS Developer and Mobile Development Lead, with a rich 10-year journey in the tech arena, I have charted an impressive trajectory highlighted by distinguished accomplishments and recognition in top-tier professional contests.
My expertise blossomed at Detsky Mir, Russia's premier children's goods retailer, where my tenure since April 2022 has been remote from Moscow. I've played a pivotal role in developing their iPhone application, a market leader in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, boasting a stellar 4.7-star rating and a million-strong user base. In the autumn of 2023, our efforts were celebrated with the Russian Ecom Awards for the best retailer mobile app of the year.
In the realm of the app, I've taken charge of one crucial segment – partner services. This feature empowers users to access approximately 20 services, ranging from summoning a babysitter to scheduling pediatric appointments, and engaging educational games for children. I've crafted half of these services with a bespoke backend-driven UI, showcasing my commitment to creating an intuitive user experience.
Beyond this, my leadership extends to our app design system sub-team, where I oversee iOS development, uphold the identity of sub-brands, and make pivotal decisions on UX/UI design and implementation.
Prior to this, I was with PIK Group from December 2020 to April 2022, working remotely. Here, my focus was on developing iOS and Android apps for PIK-Comfort property management company tenants. The apps I contributed to remain financial chart-toppers in Russia's App Store and Play Market. My responsibilities included overseeing iOS development, driving high-level technical decisions for both platforms, and fostering team synergy with backend developers and designers. My role also entailed mentoring colleagues, enhancing their skill sets, and talent acquisition.
A notable technical contribution was the creation of a marketplace within the app, offering an array of services from dog walking to apartment renovations. Additionally, I delivered an Apple Watch companion app, granting users swift access to vital security features.
At Okko, between March and December 2020, my skills were honed further as I developed for multiple Apple devices, catering to over a million users. I managed the tvOS app and executed a major redesign of the iOS movie/series interface, significantly impacting the app's core. My initiative to deepen the integration of Agile methodologies in our processes proved successful, enhancing the team's efficiency and product development synchronicity.
Before Okko, at PIK Group from May 2018 to March 2020 in Yekaterinburg, I evolved from a Senior iOS Developer to a Project Manager, driving the full spectrum of project management across platforms. Starting with an iPhone app build from the ground up, I later managed a cross-functional team, applying Agile practices, and steering product strategy and execution.
Lastly, with Motorsport Network for five months in 2018, I contributed to the development of a mobile network for Formula 1 enthusiasts and a substantial portion of the app for tvOS.
This journey reflects a blend of technical mastery, strategic leadership, and a continuous pursuit of innovation in mobile technology, underscoring my commitment to excellence in the ever-evolving realm of app development.