Sergey Opivalov
Senior Software Engineer at Gradle
Have a 8+ years experience in mobile app development on a different scale: from startup(with final evaluation to 700m$) to big-tech. Being always interested and passionated to a fast builds, developer productivity and effective CI/CD processes in a mobile app development context, I'm eventually became a part of Gradle Build Tool team, where on daily basis I'm accelerating mobile (and not only) developer productivity and helping to build, automate and deliver better software.Developed own vision of hermetically sealed software pieces, used this approach in Yandex Pro project, with result of modularizing initially monolithic codebase.

Modularized structure reduced a project build time dramatically, and allowed to build different flavours of app from the single codebase. The last part is especially important since its allowed business to launching experimental app flavours amazingly fast.Using this multi-module approach and implemented impact-analysis, build efficient and high-performing CI/CD process, with 2 week cadence for Squire.