Sergey Tyupanov
GIS Engineer at ITPS
Sergey Tyupanov has over 8 years of experience in the GIS industry, with a focus on corporate GIS systems. He has experience in all aspects of GIS development and implementation, from project design to data processing and analysis.

He is also an expert in Python, SQL, and server-side GIS technologies. He has used these skills to develop microservices, backend systems, and data storage models for corporate GIS systems.

In addition to his technical skills, Sergey also has a strong understanding of GIS methodologies and best practices. He is able to provide guidance and support to teams throughout the GIS implementation process.

Here is a summary of the tasks that Sergey has performed in his previous roles:

  • GIS system design
  • Project management and system integration
  • System analysis
  • GIS development
  • Python (arcpy, geopandas, etc.) development
  • Database administration and data modeling (PostgreSQL, MS SQL)
  • Server-side GIS deployment and configuration (ArcGIS Enterprise, Geoserver, etc.)
  • Data mining and preprocessing (ETL + Spatial, FME, NIFI)
Sergey's experience and skills make him a valuable asset to any organization that is looking to implement or improve its corporate GIS system.