Sultan Arziyev
Senior Software Engineer
Sultan Arziyev is an experienced Senior Software Engineer who has honed his skills over an 18-year career spanning various industries. His expertise primarily lies in web development, but he also has experience developing desktop applications and back-end services.

After graduating with distinction from Kazakh-American University, Sultan began his professional journey at the National Bank of Kazakhstan. There, he gained a solid understanding of finance and banking systems, which laid a strong foundation for his knowledge of complex transactional systems and server-client technology.

Sultan worked on international projects at Aspose Pty Ltd, an Australian company renowned for its file format APIs and text recognition. As a Full-stack Developer, he significantly contributed to the development of QuizMaster, an Optical Mark Recognition application, demonstrating his versatile skills in both front-end and back-end development.

Sultan's expertise took him to Luxembourg, where he worked in various sectors. His work at Docler Holding and Doctena, in the entertainment and medical fields, respectively, was particularly noteworthy. His vital contribution to the Bruvax project was crucial in Belgium's COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Sultan actively participates in the open-source community. He has authored and contributed to several libraries, including Stylin, React on Lambda, and Holy State. His academic contributions to the programming field are evident in several publications, highlighting his dedication to collective innovation and progress in software development.