Timur Rakhmatullin
Senior Backend Developer at Mytona
Experienced backend developer with over 15 years of experience in information technology and a master's degree in Computer Engineering. Currently, a key employee at MyTona, a global group of companies specializing in mobile game development and publishing. MyTona has released one of the most popular mobile games in the world and is preparing to launch its own metaverse. The company has two flagship projects: Seekers Notes and Cooking Diary, which are perennial hits in their respective genres.
In 2019, MyTona's game Cooking Diary won "People's Choice Award" at the 15th International Mobile Gaming Awards in San Francisco . In 2020 Cooking Diary won "People's Voice" at the Webby Awards 2020. In October 2020 Mytona collaborated with the Netflix streaming platform - the characters from the popular Netflix series 'Stranger Things' became the heroes of the mobile project Cooking Diary.

At Mytona, Timur designs and maintains highly loaded, fault-tolerant microservices for the analysis, collection, processing, uploading, visualization, and KPI calculation of game events.
Timur successfully combines practical work with theoretical research. He regularly attends conferences, webinars, and meetups dedicated to software development and related topics. Such events allow him not only to learn about new technologies but also to exchange experience with colleagues and establish useful professional connections."
In addition, Timur Rakhmatullin is involved in scientific research, publishes in scientific journals, acts as an expert at prestigious IT competitions, and selects residents for the startup accelerator and technopark.
He is an expert at Borisov Technopark and the KrokIT startup accelerator, where he assists other developers and innovators in bringing their ideas to fruition and achieving success. Timur Rakhmatullin is not only an outstanding developer but also a mentor who is ready to support others and share his experience.

Studying successful projects, Timur acquired experience and established himself as an expert in the esteemed "Golden Application" contest. Earlier, he also evaluated applications from participants in the national "Runet Award," one of the most prestigious awards in Russia, where more than a thousand applications are received every year. Furthermore, he actively serves as a judge at hackathons and contributes to the development of tasks for such events.
Timur has built his career by combining self-education with hands-on experience in real projects. He found a balance between formal education and self-study to become a competent and in-demand programmer. Formal education helped consolidate the basics and create a solid foundation for further development, while independent study allowed him to learn about current technologies and follow his own interests. Timur remains motivated, driven, and continuously develops his skills.

Even while working at a large company, Timur has never abandoned the scientific research that occupied him while he was still studying at university. IT is one of the most dynamically developing industries in the world. Technologies and market demands are constantly evolving, so Timur believes that the process of learning and development should be continuous.
Timur is also a member of the RAEC association, actively participating in the discussion and development of artificial intelligence in Russia. He attends events, forums, and conferences where specialists and experts discuss various aspects of applying artificial intelligence in different fields of activity.