Vladimir Kharlampidi
Open-Source Developer
Vladimir Kharlampidi is a talented web developer and the mastermind behind the popular open-source libraries Swiper.js and Framework7.

Vladimir has been passionate about computers and creative software since childhood. He taught himself 3D modeling, graphic design, and animation, and even had success in sound production for a period of time. During his university years, he dabbled in website development as a hobby, creating websites for himself and his friends, and eventually realized his passion for web development and landed a job at a local web studio.

Vladimir then worked with major Russian web agencies and companies in the banking, oil and media industries. One of his clients was Disney, where he created an incredible number of websites for their movies, cartoons, games, toys, contests, and more. This experience gave him a wealth of front-end development experience.

Since then, Vladimir has worked primarily with foreign startups who reached out to him through his open-source projects.

Swiper.js is a powerful and flexible JavaScript library for creating responsive and touch-enabled sliders and carousels. It's lightweight and easy to use, making it a popular choice among web developers. As of 2023, Swiper.js has over 34,000 stars on GitHub and has millions of downloads from npm per month, making it one of the most popular slider libraries available.

Another Vladimir's open-source project is Framework7. It is a mobile-first JavaScript framework for building web and hybrid mobile apps. It provides a set of pre-built UI components and tools for creating iOS and Android-style interfaces that are optimized for touch devices. As of 2023, Framework7 has over 17,000 stars on GitHub.

Both Swiper.js and Framework7 have made significant contributions to the IT industry by providing developers with powerful and easy-to-use tools for creating responsive and mobile-friendly web and mobile apps. These projects have helped to streamline the development process and have enabled developers to create high-quality apps more quickly and efficiently.