Vladimir Kukushkin
IoT Solutions Implementation Specialist
Vladimir Kukushkin is an eminent figure in the realm of technological innovation and the driving force behind IoT solutions integration. Hailing as the Chief Technical Director, Vladimir brings forth a wealth of expertise cultivated over years of dedicated service.

With a specialized focus on IoT solution implementation, Vladimir boasts a remarkable track record of seamlessly integrating systems with diverse industrial equipment and sensors. This integration empowers enterprises to monitor and optimize resource consumption, thus enhancing operational efficiency.

Under Vladimir's adept leadership, platforms developed for 7 distinct companies have yielded impressive outcomes: an average reduction of 25% in energy consumption through production process optimization and energy usage monitoring, a 40% decrease in IT infrastructure expenditures, a 50% reduction in losses stemming from inefficient data management, and an average 30% increase in ROI.

Vladimir's contributions have been duly recognized, earning him the title of 'Specialist of the Year in IoT Solutions Implementation' at the esteemed "Technology 2023" National Business Award . Additionally, he has been bestowed the honor of serving on the distinguished jury panel for the Best ESG Projects in Russia 2023.

Ever the proactive learner, Vladimir constantly seeks avenues to refine his knowledge and skills, leveraging them to drive practical innovation and transformative change.