Yauheni Malashuk
Web designer senior & web developer, art director
Eugene is a highly skilled digital designer with 7 years of experience in website development and design, as well as designing and developing design systems, and visual strategies.

He started his career as a freelancer, working on small projects related to social media marketing, graphic design and web design. Since 2016, he co-founded a design and branding studio.

Since 2020, I have fully immersed myself in working with large projects of civic and political initiatives. I was involved in the creation and launch of a design system for a major political company. Created and managed the design system, media service publication design. Was the visual author of reports at PACE and the Council of Europe.

Was the lead designer and lead designer of design systems and online project platforms of the country, which involved the vast majority of the country's population.

Created an online platform that engaged experts from the MIA systems of Belarus, the EU, the US, Georgia and Ukraine to create a reform project and expert discussion of MIA reform.

Founder, creator and leading web-developer and designer of the NAM project in Belarus, one of the leading expert communities in different spheres of civil society in the country. Art director and leading media specialist for one of the leaders of the country's political movement.

He is also a graphic designer, web-designer and developer, digital designer, of the largest civil association in the country "Honest People".

He was the lead developer and mentor for the Peramen Hub, which was an incubator for startups in both digitals, marketing, IT and the broader community.

Art director and leading web-designer of the project Museum of Free Belarus in Warsaw.