Yura Nikulin
Head of SEO at Department of Information Technology of Moscow
Yuri Nikulin is a talented SEO specialist with over 10 years of experience in the marketing field. Renowned for his innovative and unique product-oriented approach, Yuri has made significant contributions to the marketing and SEO optimization communities. His expertise and talent have earned him a spot among the top 100 most mentioned SEO specialists in the CIS region.

As a respected instructor at Netology, Yuri shares his wealth of knowledge and expertise with aspiring professionals. He is also a writer, contributing insightful educational and scientific articles to platforms such as Netology, SEO News, Search Engine Guru, and other national and international media. He has developed a comprehensive SEO grading system and a guide on formulating effective SEO strategies, which have been embraced by over 1000 individuals seeking to enhance their skills.

Since 2021, he has served as a distinguished judge in the IT hackathons known as Moscow City Hack, organised by the Moscow Agency of Innovations. In the Burning Heroes hackathon held in January 2023, Yuri secured second place in the challenging Telegram messenger case. His innovative product feature has the potential to increase Telegram's brand awareness by an astounding 1.5 billion people worldwide.

Yuri's career progression has seen him excel in leadership roles. Since 2017, he has been the Head of SEO at the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow (DIT). Under his guidance, the promotion of websites such as mos.ru, ag.mos.ru, ed.mos.ru, crowd.mos.ru, and gorod.mos.ru has experienced remarkable success. Under Yuri's expertise, the overall traffic to mos.ru has grown from 5 million to an impressive 34 million monthly visits. Beyond his work with websites, Yuri also oversees the strategic promotion of the widely acclaimed My Moscow mobile application, which has garnered over 5 million downloads.

Before his current position, Yuri served as the Search Engine Optimization Manager at companies like AnywayAnyday and Rubetek in 2016. Prior to that, he honed his skills as an SEO specialist at Smart Media Marketing Studio from 2013 to 2016