Yuriy Kornev
Lead software developer
With over 20 years of experience in the field of accounting automation,
Yuriy has established himself as a distinguished expert whose work has significantly impacted the industry. His unique combination of deep
knowledge in software development and business economics allows
him to develop innovative solutions that stimulate growth and business

Even as a student, Yuriy showed his interest in cutting-edge
technologies, studying neural networks and artificial intelligence at a
time when these topics had not yet gained wide recognition and
popularity. His unmatched abilities in information technology and
mathematics led him to victories in prestigious programming
competitions, including two wins at the ICPC team tournament in the
Southern-Povolzhie of the Northeastern European region, confirming
his talent and dedication to the field.

After university, Yuriy began to apply his knowledge in practice,
working as a full-stack PHP developer. At the same time, he delved
deeper into the financial and business efficiency sphere, concurrently
developing his skills and expanding his professional horizons. This stage of his career had a significant impact on his further professional
development, laying the groundwork for future achievements in the
field of accounting automation.

Transitioning from theoretical research to practical application, Yuriy
made a significant contribution to the field of enterprise management
systems development. In the last seven years, working as an
independent expert, he collaborated with leading Russian companies to
develop advanced accounting systems that enhance business process

Yuriy has implemented over 50 projects in developing and integrating
software for managerial accounting and IFRS standards compliance,
working with Russian and international companies. Among his clients
are renowned organizations such as Merrill Lynch Securities, Ozon,
Biletix, Intertek, which attests to his high status in the professional
community and recognition at the international level.

Yuriy continues to be at the forefront of innovation in accounting
automation, demonstrating not only deep technical knowledge but also
a strategic vision for the industry's development. He continues his
research in the application of artificial intelligence technologies in
business automation tasks.